Post 1478: “scritches”, please…


Dougy knows what he wants and he makes sure I get the hint: ‘”scritches”, please!

There we go. Dougy got his way and he didn’t have to say “meow” once!


18 thoughts on “Post 1478: “scritches”, please…

  1. I’m with Dougy – “scritches” are wonderful! What is Dougy’s favorite spot to be scritched? I think mine is my cheek. But I also loves scratches under my chin, on my tummy & on my back near my tail. But don’t most cats?! Tee hee hee!

    • Chin, ears, chest, with cheek rubs! Same for Andy. When I do their chests, they lick my hand and arm, whichever is easier! Tummies and the spot back by the tail are also favorites, and, yes, it seems pretty universal!

    • Even then, he (and Andy) get mats. They hate me working on them, but I work on a few every day till they either protest or yelp because I caused them pain. Then we play with cat toys so they get the idea there is a happy time after the part they don’t like.

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