Post 1500: Andy’s recliner arm pleasures…

Andy is a quiet kitty boy. He rarely pushes for attention, but he lets me know when it’s time for “scritches” and plain, old petting. How do I know? When I’m sitting in the recliner, he hops on the arm and waits till I get the hint!

Hint! Hint!

IMG_20170831_165424 (1)

Aw! “Scritches”! Andy settles down for lots of loving. 





28 thoughts on “Post 1500: Andy’s recliner arm pleasures…

  1. The other(a) fourth dimension she wants loving is between 4 and 5 in the dawn when she meows in my auricle and I scratch to leaP UP. It is a challenge, but I’ve done it before with other(a) cats when they were in mischief-making long time.

    • I’m familiar with the early morning “give me all your attention” routines! Dougy wakes me up around 1-1:30, and andy sleeps near by so he can hear Dougy and me doing our morning wake up routine.

  2. haha…are they not funny. Shoko never wants loving…much too busy….but during the winter when I sit in the easy chair…she’s there on the arm pushing against my hand. She wants lovin’ and NOW! The other time she wants loving is between 4 and 5 in the morning when she meows in my ear and I start to leaP UP. That is my cue to start petting her. She has various techniques to keep me awake like slapping my face….actually it’s a tap but feels like a slap at that time of the morning. Meanwhile Kali is happy with normal times for lovin’.

    • Once again, your cats and mine channel each other! Sounds like home to me, though Dougy hasn’t pat my face yet, not when he’s discovered how quickly I react to his tail swished over my face.

  3. I love the subtle way of cats… that’s maybe the biggest difference between the feline and the canine world… Phenny would give me some bitchslaps with his paws while barking his heart out ;o)

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