Post 1499: Not worth the effort!

Andy is cool. “Someone” (you know who) just walked by and Andy barely reacted.

Yeah, that’s “his” tail in the lower left  hand corner of the photo.

Dougy says “whew!” He managed to avoid confrontation when he breached Andy’s recliner arm air space!


A note about advertisements and the future of this blog:

I recently had to upgrade to the Business plan on WordPress, a jump from $99.95 to $299.95 a year.

With that jump, made because I could no longer upload photos on the lower plan, the possibility that I might not be able to continue this blog became real. I am a retiree and the Business plan fee is pretty steep for a blog that wasn’t begun to make money!

I chose to try advertisements for the potential of some income to offset the $299.95 annual WordPress fee. I suspect it won’t bring in sufficient money to pay that fee, maybe even reduce my expense in any significant way, but I am trying it out.


So far, I’ve only seen WordPress house advertisements and advertisements for cameras when I open my blog. I suspect you will see advertisements that reflect your on-line purchases or products you’ve looked up on the Internet.

If you find the advertisements obnoxious, remember this: I am close to shutting this blog down because of the cost to me. As long as it is fun for you and me, I will make an effort to continue it, but…!


33 thoughts on “Post 1499: Not worth the effort!

  1. Well, we can’t have you guys disappear. Ads don’t bother us…besides, there is like 2 adds…big friggin deal. We can stand this as long as we can have our fix of Dougy and Andy and you too Doug.

    How about some other way of making money like doing ads for catfood or don’t they pay money…just food?

    My thoughts are with you Doug.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that it’s so expensive for you. I don’t really understand the “real” plans. Why can’t to post pictures on the lower plan? I hope you can continue your blog. I’ll miss the guys. The ads don’t bother me.

    • One can post pictures on the lower plans, but there is an upper limit on the amount of space you can use. Once you hit that limit, which took me from 2009 to reach, you have to move up to the Business plan, which has no upper limit on how much you post.

      As for the advertisements, my guess that they are specific to each person is correct. I’ve had reports back on Facebook from a friend who apparently doesn’t order anything off the Internet or cruise much to information of things who gets no advertisements when he opens my blog. Another friend who travels a lot gets hotel advertisements. I get camera advertisements since I’ve made several forays into the world of cameras and camera equipment (which I can’t afford!). Yet another person on this site says she gets fashion advertisements for crazy clothes. Most of the time, however, I just get advertisements for WordPress and how to start blogs.

    • A friend on Facebook suggested setting up a new blog in the free plan, with a link back to this one. I don’t know if this blog would be saved indefinitely if I wasn’t paying a fee for an inactive blog. At one point, I wanted to change the name from “weggieboy’s blog” because it doesn’t define the nature of the blog at all AND it suggests the topic is about giving people wedgies to many people. The WordPress people suggested not doing it because I’d likely lose most of my follows. On the other hand, “Surviving retirement with two cats”, the sub-tagline would probably be sufficient to alert people familiar with the blog that it was Andy and Dougy’s on-line “home”. It’s a thought.

    • Thank you! The advertisements don’t affect me, and you’ll see other blogs where the content is supported by the economic necessity of advertisements and product reviews. I try to avoid that for the simple fact that people reading this want to spend time with the kitty boys, not advertisements for products andy and Dougy are trying to sell you!

    • This further supports my belief that the advertisements appear only to the US readers and the advertisements reflect things they have looked up on the Internet. I’m interested in photography and photo equipment, so that’s what shows up on my blog when I open it. (My total follows are one less that shows because I follow it so I can make adjustments to how it appears on the Reader. Specifically, I put a photo at the top before text, and try to make sure the main subject shows adequately that you see Andy or Dougy, not some black blob that is some undefined animal….) If you don’t see advertisements, I’m glad for you!

    • I had a blogger blog (if that’s the Google blog site – not sure) called “Somewhere east of Laramie” that I never kept up after one post. It wasn’t until I got my first two cats that the next blog (on WordPress) took off. Frankly, I’m much less interesting than my kitties! LOL! I’ll check it out. I believe there is a way to download one’s WordPress blog, too. It might be interesting if they offered you a way to create a book featuring your blog posts, eh?! I’d probably have a hefty one at this point, but the book would be one I cherished. I think I’ll contact WordPress about that possibility.

  3. I see ad for an online clothing company where I bought some things a while back. Prior to that I was seeing ads for flea medications. (Sunny would be offended!)

    But $300 a year? Have you considered moving your blog to a free or cheaper site? I thought WordPress charges users who aren’t business owners or using blogs for commercial purposes a la carte—more photo storage space, or ability to post videos, or music, whatever suits your purposes. I know I’m reaching the limit for free photo storage but hadn’t thought that far ahead into what I would do when I maxed out my free privileges.

    I enjoy reading your blog and would be sad to see it go. Hope you can work something out!

    • Thank you! I’m pleased you and so many others look forward to my simple posts. I know there are people with serious medical issues or depressing circumstances they have to deal with who’ve told me the little jokes and light humor of this blog help ease their burden. Those people are a big reason for me to keep going. Of course, all followers are important to me because I get a boost myself knowing there are people all over the world who enjoy Andy and Dougy’s antics!

      That said, the next step up from free is a $99.95 intermediate level, and I managed to reach the top of that allowed space on that level.

      A la carte storage? That would be great! I don’t particularly like the advertisements (you can opt out, I think) but if that makes a little money to help with the annual $300 fee…! I’ll have to check that out. There isn’t much difference between the Business plan and the intermediate plan other than storage space.

  4. I wonder if Andy will stay as “cool” the next time Dougy breaches the recliner space. Tee hee hee! Oh I hope the ads help keep your bloggie up and running Mr. Doug, ’cause I enjoy it very much!

    • Thank you! I do, too, or that I work out a way to manage the expense.

      I do enjoy posting and giving people a little kitty humor. God knows there are 2 billion cat blogs (more or less), but it seems there is always room for them all.

      I myself follow quite a few of them because all cat all the time shows how much individuality cats have, yet they still have much in common.

      I enjoy seeing how many beautiful cats there are all over the world, too! Anyway, I hope I can continue sharing Andy and Dougy’s antics after the coming year!

    • LOL! Cats do that, don’t they? As long as they are happy with you, they stick around. If they decide you are better at providing what they want than where they live, you become their new “owner”! I think a lot of stray cats are actually inside/outside cats that either never had collars or lost collars, then got picked up by animal control people who presume they are unowned. Both my kitty boys are microchipped but never wear their collars since they are inside cats.

  5. I understand the cost aspect. It’s ridiculous that WP removed the option to purchase storage space and force us to pay three hundred a year. Stupid. I was forced to move to the Business plan several months ago and my daily views plummeted. I’m currently working with a local web design company to migrate my site to self hosting but they are having lots of trouble because of WP. The other option is to delete tons of posts. Or of course start over. WP is good but… I’ll miss you if you delete!

    • Thanks for the information on your personal experience with the same issue. I was going to look into the option of purchasing more storage, but know now it no longer is possible. I’d not want to lose the earliest posts about cats I had that have since died, but there are some really early ones that were posted before I refocused the blog on cats in the household.

  6. First of all, I don’t understand you said: “I DO NOT HAVE ANY SAY ABOUT THE ADVERTISEMENTS YOU SEE.”. Second, Nooo! don’t shut this blog down because of the ads! I saw the ads, they’re pretty annoying, but I have the premium plan right now and I don’t have any ads (you don’t need to kill yourself with the business plan). Which means you don’t need to buy the business plan to disable ads.

  7. it’s good to have always enough recliner arm air space ;o) wow, I thought with the upgrade for 99 I have enough space for all my photos… probably I have to check this plan again…. I’m near the end of my free space and I need a change now… it would be bad to delete pictures what are memories too…

    • That’s exactly the problem I ran into Phenny. I can’t imagine your posts with fewer photos because you always tell a little story with them, and that is the big appeal it has for me. You are a hoot! Your Mom and Dad are very indulgent of you, and you give lots of good humor and good times back!

      Anyway, it took me a long time to work through the storage space on the intermediate plan at $99 a year. Your do start getting warnings the closer you get to 100%, and, once you’ve hit 100% you know it because you will try to load photos and they won’t load.

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