Post 1541: “Grrr! Go away!”

“Doug-eeeeeeeee! Doug! Doug! Doug-eeee!” Time to bug Dougy!


“Well, aren’t you a Grumpy Gus when you wake up!?”


Thanks for waking me up numerous times last night, Dougy! Now, go back to sleep.

18 thoughts on “Post 1541: “Grrr! Go away!”

  1. Dougy does look a bit grumpy! I know what you mean about them keeping one up at night. The Three Sisters are a good bit younger than the others, and need to be in their own room for the night. Otherwise we hear “rummaging” going on, and the occasional growl. The older cats call them “little fuzzy nap disturbers”. 🙂

    • LOL! Andy’s been sleeping moist of the night near me, but Dougy’s been on a nocturnal schedule lately.

      Nonetheless, there are some nights I hear them playing their game with the multi-colored fabric strip where Andy lets out an unholy yowl to get Dougy’s interest, Dougy come running, and the two then chase each other all over the apartment till they exhaust themselves. For the most part, they are quiet kitties. They even have barely audible meows and are not that noisy playing unless it is that game I just described.

    • I need to wear them out before I go to bed…! Actually, Andy has been sleeping on the small bookcase next to the fan lately, and he pretty much conks out for the night. Dougy’s the one who needs to get more “wear out” attention!

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