Post 1540: A new box!!! Woo hoo!

Andy and Dougy are very excited: a brand new box! Best of all, it is full of cat grass starter and lots and lots of kitty treats!


Yet Andy is incredulous.


All Andy can do is return to the table to think about strategy, perhaps, or wait till Dougy gets tired of the box. It is a bit big for one kitty!

33 thoughts on “Post 1540: A new box!!! Woo hoo!

    • Dougy has several he’s claimed, including his flamingo plastic tub, two grey plastic tubs (one is supposed to be Andy’s,,,), this new box, a smaller box near the kitty food, and a kitty food flat. Andy claims a large box by the cleaning closet and one in the front room. (I still hold out hope that I can toss some of these extra boxes one day, but the kitty boys watch me closely…..)

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