Post 1544: G-mail observes Caturday…and does nothing!

G-mail is slow, slow, stopped today for some reason. I am waiting for photos to show up in my g-mail in box, but only one has. If the photos show up while I am at dialysis, I’ll post what I planned for today, today.

23 thoughts on “Post 1544: G-mail observes Caturday…and does nothing!

    • I’ve noticed I have posting problems with blogs done on Google and some WordPress formats. From the number of comments I get, I presume most people have no problem posting here, but I’d be interested knowing what you ran into trying to post. Thanks!

        • OK. I can’t imagine what difference it might make, but I am of the generation that grew up without television, then, around age 12, got excited when we were able to watch one of three channels on a black and white set that had the potential of 13 channels! Fortunately for me, I did work with computers for years as a major part of my job, though that didn’t prepare me for smart phones [sic] or other electronic gadgets that still remain mysteries to me.

  1. Good luck with the gmail problem, Doug. Nothing worse than slow email.

    I have two successful fermentation test runs now, one coming in a 10% when the grapes were less ripe, and the last one came in at 12%. Our first hard frost came last night. It was 30 degrees this morning, but will probably hit 60 to 65 by mid afternoon.

    All the bulbs came in too, plus I was given a sack of daffodils, so I will be busy planting and cleaning up the garden beds this week this week.

    • The warmish weather, at least, allows some gardening still! I’ll be looking forward to your vintage news in future posts.

      One thing I found interesting when talking with the owner of a vineyard in Alsace was that he was familiar with the research in grape growing and the production of wine done at the University of California in Davis, and employed some of that in his vineyard.

      Here’s where he lived (Hunawihr) and the vineyard on the slope leading up to the church is where I helped pick grapes for half a very rainy day in 1972. The second half, I took photos, which were posted earlier on this blog.

        • I visited my friends Deborah and Ralph there. She’s the one who took her three kitties to Paris. but lives now in Maine. Ralph still lives in Paris. It is hard work indeed! All I did was clip the bunches of grapes and put them in a plastic tub. Then, when filled, I dumped in that large backpack thingy shown for dumping in the large bin that took them grapes to a place where they were crushed.

  2. Ah Doug, misery loves company. I was having the same problem yesterday. Early this AM seems better. Good luck with it. I don’t know how many you were trying for but I love the two you posted especially that second one.

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