Post 1563: All Saints’ Day



All Saints’ Day celebrates all those who’ve entered Heaven. Thank Heaven Dougy and Andy (not to mention Doug the human, so we won’t) haven’t entered Heaven yet! Not that such naughty kitty boys have any chance of that!

(“Andy, stop biting your brother! Dougy, same for you! Straighten up and play nice! Any day now Saint Nicolas is coming to town, and you know what that means. Yes, more coals and switches for you two!”)

The kitty boys were up most of the night, yowling and howling at unseen spooks. Such it is living in a retirement village!



23 thoughts on “Post 1563: All Saints’ Day

  1. We have our All Saints’ Day on next Saturday. It was an important day, to remember all who have gone before and have candles on cemeteries and yards. Nowadays every day here is just a day, shops are always open, nothing is holy anymore… I am old fashioned, but I am sure I not alone.
    Have a nice day!

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