Post 1564: the kitty boys were in consultation…

Dougy (left) and Andy were in consultation. I was at the dining room table addressing an envelope.

Andy stopped by. Hint! Hint! What are you trying to tell me, Andrew?

IMG_20171101_101245Then Dougy hopped on the table…

IMG_20171101_101046Oh! Now I get you two! The kitty boys assume it’s treat time because I’m at the dining room table! (OK. But this is it for today. You’ve had too many already.)


PLEASE NOTE: This not an endorsement of this specific kitty treat, nor am I paid to show it in the photo. It just happens to be the kitty treat I’ve always kept on hand for the kitty boys.




23 thoughts on “Post 1564: the kitty boys were in consultation…

    • I feel bad that Dougy doesn’t usually eat the kitty treats, but Andy has food allergies, limiting flavors I can put out. I guarantee Andy will eat any treat, no matter what it does to him! Dougy is more fussy.

  1. haha…priceless. I see you have chicken greenies. Have you ever tried catnip greenies? Those are Kali and my favourite kind. Mom ran out and we just get the stinkin’ kind she can get from the grocery store.


    • Yes, I get the catnip Greenies, but they aren’t as popular as the chicken version. I try to keep them on hand, and their veterinarian stocks them for cats and cdogs, which is handy.

      • Your vet carries greenies…wow…what a vet. I would like a vet visit if Dr. Sarah gave greenies. To each their own…I love Chicky greenies too but they start up Kali’s allergy so we stick to the catnip.


        • Their veterinarian sells them. If he gave them out to good kitties and doggies, he’d have to close shop for all the Greenies he handed out. It’s a good thing the chicken Greenies and other cat foods made from chicken don’t trigger Andy’s allergies because all of the kitty boys’ food is in that flavor after we learned Andy had allergies. By process of elimination, chicken turned out to be one Andy could eat.

          • That is strange. The vet told me when they first diagnosed Kali, that the manufacturers add something to the chicken flavour that Kali and others have developed an allergy to. Kali and Shoko used to always get chicken and they loved it. Now only occasionally I’ll get chicken pate for the girls. Kali gets the black gunk pretty heavy in the corner of her eyes and her ears start to get dirty looking. I have also discovered Kali has asthma and I so love smelly things. I have stopped scented candles, plug ins and have no scent clothes detergent, bounce is non scented….I’m trying. Kali seems to walk around the house more and talk with me. Time will tell if it works.

          • I can tell when Andy’s having a reaction to something because the insides of his ears turn red! From that point, it’s the usual trial and error finding out what causes it. I try not to use heavily-scented cleaning materials, etc. for the kitty boys’ comfort, too. Their litter has a pleasant scent (for me!) that doesn’t seem to bother the kitty boys, though I was concerned about that possibility since unhappy cats rejecting litter means, well, you know the routine! Ugh! Andy was allergic to a walnut shell-based litter that I liked for low dust, but I had to return to the dustier litter that he didn’t react to. Dougy doesn’t seem to have any allergies.

          • Oh dear! I keep trying to imagine the complications of more than two cats, which are sufficient for me, and this is one that would send me into a meltdown!

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