Post 1568: Andy stops by the recliner…

Andy knows he is safer on the recliner if I’m there, too, so it is no surprise when he stops by to join me.

That doesn’t mean he stays with me when he sees another attractive resting spot!


Oh yeah! Andy’s all time favorite special spot after the recliner: the end table! Dougy’s sleeping in the guest bedroom, so the end table, which is next to Dougy’s ottoman, is safe for this kitty boy.

17 thoughts on “Post 1568: Andy stops by the recliner…

    • Both kitty boys know how to flop! LOL! He also has returned to the bathroom sink, which is just right for Andy. The big thing is keeping clear of Dougy’s favorite spots, which Andy does a good job of.

    • The stars thank you! And I confess to finding the same thing true. I note, too, watching Andy and Dougy sort things out is more relaxing. One of two television gave up the ghost recently, and I think I’ll not replace it.

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