Post 1574: Almost forgot to post today – oops!


Andy snoops. So this is what was in that box! (That and another book, kitty.)


In the dark of night, Andy returned to the new box. Still works for my kitty boy, but not so hot for photography…!


There’s that sweet Andy face! Had to dig it out from another day.


Dougy doesn’t want you to forget his sweet face, so here is an old photo of the handsome boy!


Whew! Didn’t break my current record for continuous posts, but I’ll try to do better tomorrow. Time flies!

18 thoughts on “Post 1574: Almost forgot to post today – oops!

  1. Hi! Dougy and Andy are certainly beautiful kitties. Are they actually related? Do they like catnip? I’m asking because I have 2 cats, not related, a male and female. My boy really goes crazy for catnip, but the girl is kind of indifferent. I’m wondering if it’s more of a male thing. They both love boxes 📦, though! Take care and have a good week.

    Pam in Fort Myers, Florida

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    • Pam, Andy and Dougy are brothers from the same litter of five. One died at birth, and they have another brother and a sister who went to the same family in South Dakota. Reportedly, the sister and brother don’t get along, but Andy and Dougy (mostly!) do. Andy love, love, loves ‘nip,, but Dougy is less interested in it. This apparently is typical – not all cats get a buzz off of it, and the cat’s sex isn’t a factor as far as I understand it. Yes, the box thing does seem to be more universal! Dougy love, love, loves ALL boxes, plastic tubs, anything he can climb in. Andy is a little more particular, but the most recent box (with the tall flaps) seems to better suit him than others. I have enlargements of both kitty boys hanging in the front room, and both are in boxes, of course! Curiously enough, considering Persian kitty eyes are definitive, I chose photos where neither kitty boy’s eyes are open. Andy’s yawning, and Dougy is in his little self-satisfied little Chinese emperor pose.

    • Me, too! I totally agree with you, though those shots are the single hardest to get. You know cats: it is rude to stare at another cat, so they avert their eyes when I try to get close up. Every cat face close up you see on this blog usually is the product of several efforts, most tossed out to get that one with the cute kitty face. I have an easier time with Andy than Dougy getting those shots, though I have no sense of why!

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