Post 1576: watching a Swedish movie with Andy…

“So you want to watch this Ingmar Bergman movie with subtitles? What’s it called – Summer With Monika? Sounds, um, complex!” Andy has it worked out.

“Looks pretty dull to me, but I’m a cat.”

“Boring! I spend my life with no clothes on.”

“I’ve watched it for several minutes now. You’ve missed nothing!”


** “See what I mean?”

**  The subtitle on the screen reads: “He and I would sit at home all evening, neither saying a word.


Eventually, I saw enough of the movie (without subtitles, thanks to Andy) to realize I have seen the movie before. I would have enjoyed seeing it a second time, but Andy managed to block the screen long enough for me to lose the thread of the story.

Bad kitty! I suppose I could have moved him, but then I would have lost content for today’s post. See how I sacrifice for you!? LOL!




18 thoughts on “Post 1576: watching a Swedish movie with Andy…

    • He tried to spare me the hassle, as you can see in the photos, but it was a pretty good movie for human audiences! He probably would have love, love, loved it if I put up a film on rats, squirrels, or birds.


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