Post 1561: sneaking up on the kitty is fun…


Dougy’s minding his business, being a good kitty boy…


…when I sneak up on his opposite side and “scritch” him.

He’s OK with that!





22 thoughts on “Post 1561: sneaking up on the kitty is fun…

  1. Max seems to sense when you are going to “surprise” him even when he is sound asleep. However we use to have a “furry kid” that would almost hit the ceiling when you “surprised” him. Coughs, sneezes and other bodily noises would scare the the poor guy (Roscoe) half to death.

    • Both of my kitty boys generally become alert to what I’m doing before I do it, too. Of course, they assume everything will end up involving kitty treats or play time.

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