Post 1570: Dougy knows what’s in the pill bottle…


Dougy sees the pill bottle and he knows there’s fun inside! No, not a drug high, but inside is that silly “cat toy” that is nothing more than the tear strip off the dry kitty food bag. 

Once I have his attention, I open the bottle and the playtime fun begins!

Afterwards, I put it back in the bottle so the kitty boys are safe from accidental ingestion of a piece of plastic they might chew off the strip. As you can see above, this is a “chew toy”!


22 thoughts on “Post 1570: Dougy knows what’s in the pill bottle…

  1. I agree, Doug. It is best to keep anything that can pass down a gullet under wraps. I once caught Lucio ripping the metal jingle ball off a toy and attempting to swallow it. I pulled it out of this mouth.

  2. You are lucky to have such creative boys. I brought two things home from Thanksgiving with the family, case of sinusitis which is now bronchitis (which I would happily return) and a beautiful custom cat tree which the cats where initially wary of but now adore. Once I stop coughing Ill be posting pictures but for once an expensive toy is getting used!! There’s something I’m thankful for!

    • My kitty boys love their cat trees, and Dougy usually sleeps in the tube of one or the other.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how yours approach their custom cat tree!

    • Give credit to the kitty boys, Jean. My only contribution (since I know Andy in particular is notorious for trying to eat plastic) was to come up with an empty pill bottle to store it safely between play sessions. My sister’s late kitty boy, Sox, was extremely possessive of his favorite toy, a toilet tube with the ends cut into a fringe. Like most cats, the more expensive the toy, the less likely they will play with it, it seems! LOL!

    • Me, too! The kitty boys decided it was a toy, and my only contribution was the pill bottle to safely store it between play sessions. Dougy wants to play with it every morning, noon, and night. Andy is almost as insistent I bring it out for play.

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