Post 1582: so Dougy will play with other toys…

Kool Kitty!

Dougy pretends nothing’s happening, but the lower right hand photo betrays his “indifference”! He knows, yes, he knows!

Woo hoo! the Birbug toy plops by Dougy and he pounces. The game is on.

23 thoughts on “Post 1582: so Dougy will play with other toys…

    • You must see a different version than I. When I pull it up, there;s an advertisement for blogging on WP at the top, and another one at the bottom. I follow my blog so I can adjust how it appears on the reader. (My total readership, of course it wrong by +1 in consequence!)

        • Thanks! That makes sense. I know just looking up something you might want to buy or research on Amazon, say, assures you will start seeing advertisements for that thing or related things on Facebook. Thanks for the suggestion on how to minimize that problem, too Lavinia! I’m sure they will check it out!

        • I have the one atop, and one below. Of course, when I had to go to the business level because of my heavy use of photos eating up the free space, I had the option of no ads (for a fee as I recall). It already is a $300 a year level to put this blog that generates no income out!

          • Oh Lord, I went that route and that’s why my old blog is gone. That’s a long story but… rather than let WP force me into that damned greedy upgrade, I’ll start removing the oldest material first. It’s disgusting that WP removed our ability to purchase storage upgrades. GREED.

          • I’ve noticed other people created a new blog, naming it the same as the old blog with “2” after it or some variation making it different but familiar to people familiar with the blog as followers. I noticed this after I’d put down the extortion money.

          • LOL, exactly. Extortion. I sent WP an email on this exact nonsense, I always get the same cookie-cutter reply. I call it Corporate Greed.

          • I know the one you mean…!

            They need an intermediate level for people who post a lot of photos and videos but don’t have commercial blogs. Instead of charging $299.95 a year, maybe $150 or $175 for the basic++ blogger, which strikes me at still a bit pricey.

            I felt $99 was reasonable enough for the basic+, but that next jump to $299.95 is quite a lot for a retired old fart like me.

            I had to make a decision about continuing the blog or not. The only thing that saved it this year was a “special” first year price that knocked $100 off the business level charge.

            Or maybe they should charge a small ($19.95) charge for what you can get now for free and reduce the other fees to ones mere mortals can justify. Good grief! I just post kitty stories and am one of eight zillion kitty bloggers! It isn’t $299.95 special!

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