Post 1600: videos and kitty cats




It started out as quality time watching videos for kitties. Andy is especially enthralled!

He love, love, loves videos of any sort, but this video also features BIG FAT MOUSIES as well as the standard birds, Whew! That brings Dougy around, too. 


That’s when Dougy notices something else: Andy!  Next thing we know, Dougy challenges Andy’s right to watch the video.

The chase is on. When Dougy returns to the laptop, which is on the floor so both kitty boys can watch the video, he scratches the carpet next to it. He re-establishes that anything on or just near his territory is his, too!


Dougy’s made his point so he goes off to the guest bedroom to nap on the cat  tree, and Andy returns to his perch on the end table. It’s his territory after all He’s ready to take his nap after the little squabble with his brother!

No more videos for the time being.


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