Post 1601: somebody needs a nap…


Andy spots Dougy sauntering toward the recliner. Andy notices that tail flip. Dougy is Mr. Insouciance!


Dougy pays no attention to Andy. Andy is very aware of his brother!


“How dare Dougy upset me!” thinks Andy. Dougy still is unaware – or is he? – that Andy is upset that he walked by the recliner when Andy was on the arm. 

After some wand toy play, Dougy wanders into the guest bedroom to take a nap, and Andy moves over to the end table for his nap. No fur flying tonight!



37 thoughts on “Post 1601: somebody needs a nap…

    • I have to agree! There are big issues to resolve, like who gets to get into a specific box and when. Not that there aren’t too many boxes around the apartment so both kitty boys can have a box sit.

      That Haitian stew/soup you featured in your blog the other day looked very tasty! As soon as I work through the things I have on hand now, I think I’ll try to make a version of it.


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