Post 1626: “I see you..!”


The kitty boys are keeping an eye on each other today…


Even in sleep! If needs be, Andy notes, he can get away from Dougy if he hops on the recliner arm, then to the recliner back, then to the computer desk, then…!

[Not to worry! The kitty boys play this game day in and day out. No kitty boys were hurt in making this post.]

22 thoughts on “Post 1626: “I see you..!”

  1. Definitely a pecking order here and there will be there too. They can be perdicable in their escapes. It’s a wonde rthe other guy doesn’t figure it out….Shoko never figures out Kali’s moves either.


    • That;s a fact! In fact, that’s one thing people with two or more cats need to keep in mind for the comfort of all the kitties. I have lots of places they can get up on and be safe from each other, and the kitty boys use them regularly!

  2. Boys will be boys πŸ™‚ Glad no one gets hurt. I wish I could same the same here, poor Brody gets some scratches from Sammy sometimes.

    • They occasionally get rough with eat=ch other, but there is nothing more than some tufts of hair lost in the battle! Given they are Persians, you can’t tell where the hair came from.

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