Post 1705: Dougy hogs it again…


Yesterday, you saw Dougy in front of a framed photo of Dougy in a box, classic Dougy stuff. The only thing more classic is Dougy on his ottoman. So, today, Dougy being Dougy, he pointedly re-established his firmest current territorial claim: it is his recliner!






Andy is incredulous. Everyone knows the recliner is his.

Doug (The Human) reminds them that when his huge posterior starts to plop down on the recliner, no cat has a claim to the soft, comfy recliner unless he says “please and thank you”! It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to the recliner.


20 thoughts on “Post 1705: Dougy hogs it again…

    • LOL! I haven’t had to deal with quite that level of cattitude, but I appreciate Noel’s need to make his point to people like you husband or me, were I visiting you) who don’t get the point: “This is MINE!”


    • I sl=neak on it when Dougy is defending out “property”. If he decides he wants to be on the recliner again, he uses the same “butt and tail feathers in human’s face” tactics he uses to get me out of bed for “feed the kitty time”.

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