Post 1731: ~lick~lick~lick!

Andy likes to lick himself clean! 

23 thoughts on “Post 1731: ~lick~lick~lick!

  1. Self grooming is cool 🐱 I don’t really care for stepping barefoot on the occasional bi-product of it in the middle of the night 😳 Thank goodness they are mostly ‘hagged-up’ on the kitchen floor and not on the carpet ❗️

    • You are lucky then! Someone decided carpet in the dining room and kitchen was a good idea in my apartment, and I cuss them every time I have a mess to clean up, whether cats otr me making it!

          • LOL! Had to laugh about the leaf blower. I had problems with my fire alarms going off too often for the least reason, and I called the maintenance people to take a look. In the process of trying to work out what the problem was, we decided to try to bring up the instructions for the particular model fire alarm I have. In it, it suggested annual vacuuming of the unit to reduce false alarms. I’d never heard of such a thing, nor had the maintenance guy. These are not things you are told to do when you rent! So, a few minutes later, he comes back with a leaf blower and blows at least 13 years worth of dirt out of all the fire alarms in my apartment! LOL! It did the trick: no more false alarms when I roasted coffee beans or made toast!

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