Post 1749: “Well…?!”






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  1. Waiting for you to make the next step?
    I maybe told you before but we are looking after a cat for one week in July. If I am troubled I maybe pop in here for advice? ­čśÄ

    • Sure! I don’t have all the answers, but I definitely have had years of experience trying to figure out cats! Ha! Seriously, I’ll be glad to answer any questions I can. There is an 8 hour difference between your time and mine, but I usually am around between 9 AM your time and 1 PM your time most days, and off and on during the day. I generally check my mail most often during those hours, but try to check them later during the day, but it would correspond with after 9 PM your time.

    • It’s actually two photos taken about a half minute apart! I couldn’t tell what he was so intensely involved in. Andy wasn’t within his sight line, for example. I wasn’t either. It was a question. Mine!

    • And he was! I couldn’t get him to look at me or away from me, for that matter, his usual response to a camera.

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