Post 1750: Mr. Meowy MacSlick…


Andy (on right) gets kitty treats for being a good boy when I give him his medicine. Of course, he always is a good boy!


Dougy always gets kitty treats, too, because he figured it out. He is Mr. Meowy MacSlick!

19 thoughts on “Post 1750: Mr. Meowy MacSlick…

    • Dougy deserves treats because… Hmm. I’m having some difficulty coming up with a reason. Perhaps it is like Sir Edmund Hillary’s explanation for climbing Mt. Everest, “Because it’s/he’s there!”

    • Lucky Dougy is the only one in the house who doesn’t have to take medicine! Yes, he hears the treats rattling in the container, and comes running with his brother.

  1. Good to see the boys, Doug! I’ll catch up with some of these older posts soon. Stopping by to wish you a pleasant Memorial Day, and to thank you for your service days in the Army.

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