Post 1790: downtime is cleaning time…

Every good kitty – and Andy is a very good kitty – knows downtime is cleaning time.


Very good. Spick and span. Time for a nap!

13 thoughts on “Post 1790: downtime is cleaning time…

        • For sure! I was upset when the groomer had me scheduled for times and days I couldn’t get the kitty boys in…even though I let them know in advance which times would work for the coming year. Then, I missed a date in March when I got a late reminder. Oh well, it was on a day I had dialysis during the appointment time and wouldn’t have been able to take them in anyway or arrange for someone else to take them in. History. I will be happy to see the shed hair issue go away till they grow out again, and the mats are a constant issue for the poor kitties!

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