Post 1805: Andy in his video-watching mode…


Andy loves his kitty videos! And this is his favorite place to perch to watch mousies and birdies and…

17 thoughts on “Post 1805: Andy in his video-watching mode…

    • Pine siskins, sparrows, house finches, downy woodpeckers, blue jays, mourning doves, American robins, American goldfinches, and others. They also see an occasional squirrel during the day and cottontail bunnies on a regular basis at night.

    • Yeah, the mouse is a favorite here, too, but his absolute favorite is one that’s nothing more than a string randomly popping out from the sides and wiggling across the screen. He goes crazy wild over that one!

        • With Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce? Those were the best ones, I think. Those were the days when they acted to tell a story since special effects were fairly rudimentary.

          • it’s with ronald howard & h.marion-crawford…there is always fog (specially the only one special effect what was doable that time) but the boys love it… and me too… they fall asleep after some minutes, YAY!

          • Oh! A television program! I was unaware there was such a thing on TV, but we didn’t get it here till late in the 1950s. I know some really excellent programming happened on television with really primitive special effects. I think of the early Dr. Who programs. The stories overcame the silly special effects and crappy sets. Classic stuff!

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