Post 1806: … behind the camera.


Andy isn’t paying attention to me while I try to take his photo…


…because Dougy’s messing with me from the back of the chair I’m sitting in while trying to take his brother’s picture! He feels it’s his time for attention. 

15 thoughts on “Post 1806: … behind the camera.

      • LOL Crowd, eh? Once, we were hosting a girl black cat for about a month, and my husband could not tell the difference between her and my Barmalei, but I had no problem – girls have a different manner. But yours are boys, and twins!

        • There are lots of differences, fortunately: Dougy’s eyes are orangey-brown and Andy’s are yellow; Dougy has a bigger head and Andy has a head more like their Birman father’s; Dougy’s coat is heavier and Andy’s has a different texture than his brothers; Dougy has a more “V” shaped look from above (especially after grooming!) than Andy, who looks like a football (American-style) from above; Dougy is more gregarious and Andy is shy. Like the girls, though, behavior is the easiest way to tell them apart once you are familiar with their personalities.

          • All those interesting nuances rarely come through in pictures, unless they are literally next to each other. I recognize Andy by an intense expression on his face. I love them both, though!

          • This is true, Dolly. I try to identify the kitties in the photos for that reason. I think of Andy as my serious kitty, so you’ve picked up on that characteristic from his photos! Dougy is a bit of a comedian.

    • Thanks! You know how it goes: 10 shots, one good enough to use. (I’m glad I use digital technology. I used to go through tons of film in the old days.)

  1. He still looks adorable in the photo, though. I can be ignored for hours by all until one decides they want attention or become interested in what I’m doing. Immediately the rest come out of the woodwork, afraid of missing something and demanding attention and I’m swarmed.

    • Thanks! Andy always has a kittenish look about him, I think. I know the clustering effect you mention! Same here, of course. Dougy is especially clingy when I get on the laptop. they both take positions on the recliner when I’m on it.

    • Ha! It’s something to think about! I think dogs have those human expressions worked out to the max because they know we are suckers for puppy eyes, for example, even in an elderly dog begging for a piece of bacon!

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