Post 1830: “Better hurry up, Dougy!”

Dougy had his chance. When Andy gets to the dinner plate first, he will finish it if Dougy doesn’t get his tail in gear and show up to claim his half!  Today, Dougy wanted his nap more than food at kitty food time…

…so Andy did what Andy does! He ate Dougy’s share, too.

Not to worry, though! When Dougy’s ready for supper, I will fix him kitty food. Of course, Andy will want to “share” it with him! What a kitty. (Notice his horns are up in the last photo?!)







21 thoughts on “Post 1830: “Better hurry up, Dougy!”

    • Wellness Core chicken pate and Science Diet for cats seven and older (promotes kidney health and is for less active older kitties). Of course, they love their Greenies dental treats. Chicken flavor, of course! (Andy has food allergies and chicken is one he can eat without problems. Dougy gets what Andy gets. AND, I don’t get compensation for mentioning what they eat! Nor do I expect or want it.)

    • That’s just you trying to make sure no one learns that the horns are permanent and pop up when the kitty boys are ornery! (Dougy and Andy both are feeling well. Actually, Andy is more likely to feel bad than Dougy, but their veterinarian has a clinic just five blocks away. Doug just stopped b to sharpen his claws on my glider – bad kitty – and to say “Mrow” to you!

    • L’assiette est l’une des deux restes de la vaisselle que j’utilisais tous les jours. Malheureusement, ils étaient extrêmement fragiles et je les ai cassés fréquemment! Ils fonctionnent bien pour nourrir les chats.

      J’espère que vous allez bien et que vous vous êtes adapté au régime de dialyse!

    • I think you are correct about that! Though they aren’t fat, they do have dry food available all day. I like them to have some wet food, too, since that is another way to assure they get adequate water during the day. Persians tend to have kidney issues, so adequate hydration is goal I have for the litty boys! (Dougy is more active than Andy and has always been.)

    • LOL! The kitty boys are interested in smelling human food but don’t want to eat it. As for the horns, they are a pretty good indicator something naughty’s about to happen!

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