Post 2108: Dougy’s nemesis returns…

Dougy finds Mr. Hand concerning. Oddly enough, Mr. Hand also is the giver of “scritches”, which Dougy likes. A lot!

12 thoughts on “Post 2108: Dougy’s nemesis returns…

  1. Dougy, there are four of those “hands” at my house. They are nice pals, except when they try to wake me when I’m napping or when they’re messing with my ears and toofs. Does the hand at your house do those things, too?

    • Pretty much, but they have to handle two kitties all alone! Andy complains that he doesn’t appreciate the hands when they make him take medicine, but I remind him they are the same hands that put out the kitty treats to reward him after for being a good kitty (mostly) for taking his medicine.

    • Positioning the hand closer to the smart phone camera and letting Dougy appear smaller in relation to the hand was one of those moments of serendipity. I put my hand on the recliner arm for stability, noticed the effect in the view finder, and snapped. Thanks! I was pleased with the result myself, especially since it was accidental!

    • In fact, he’s afraid it will come closer. He’s about to flee. I'[m not sure what the deal is – I never beat or hurt him! – but all I have to do to get him to run away is stick my hands closer to him. LOL! Andy’s the same way. They are strangely averse to being pet, though once you touch them, they get with the program, enjoy the contact. It’s almost like they are semi-feral. This is how they’ve been since kittenhood. Even stranger yet, they were always exposed to a lot of human contact from birth. They were so cute, of course, they got more than usual attention, for that fact.

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