Post 2139: teddy bear cut…


The standard cut the kitty boys’ groomer gives them is the teddy bear cut. Looking at Dougy this morning, I thought, “Yeah! Now he looks like one!” Ha!

The kitty boys have a bit over a month to go before they get their next day at the spa. So far, they haven’t developed mats. I hope that continues.

21 thoughts on “Post 2139: teddy bear cut…

    • Never! They had a modified lion cut the first time I got their hair cut, but the groomer left their tails untrimmed.

        • NO! NO! NO! I will never happen! Their groomer would refuse on ethical grounds. Kitty boys have their dignity. Besides, they’ve seen those photos of seriously upset cats with lion cuts, and they assure me they know where I sleep.

          • Cats definitely let you know by body and facial cues what they feel about things, and a lion cut is one of those things that involves a very sensitive area – the tail – when it comes to doinh anything to it.

          • It depends on the cat, actually. Most are pretty “tail proud”, though. Both Andy and Dougy are “tail proud”. When they took hisd blood pressure on hisd tail, he was very upset! I have to remind the technicians to use his hind foot or they will cause his blood pressure to shoot up to dangerous levels.

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