Post 2249: slumber time…


Oops! Dougy’s trying to sleep and I’m disturbing him. (That’s his grumpy face.)


So he rolls over on his head and hides behind a paw. Hmm. 



Día de los Muertos, November 2nd, I partially graduated to dialysis using the new fistula. “Partially” because one line used the fistula, and the other used one of the catheter lines. Once it is established the fistula is fully adequate for use, the catheters will be removed. The best part about that is I’ll be able to take showers again!  

22 thoughts on “Post 2249: slumber time…

    • Thanks, Dolly! I know something to look for for safety’s sake, though, and will be less tolerant of rough needle insertions since I believe that contributed to the rupture later on by weakening the fistula wall.

      I think my kitty boys confuse me with their mommy, too, though mostly by the kneading behavior. Dougy is especially active that way.

    • I feel like I am back to my normal, which is to say, healthy within the “new normal” established in Winter-Early Spring 2016, when I began settling into the dialysis routine.

    • I vacillate on the matter of day posts. Today would have been a good one to draw on archived photos of the kitty boys since the ones I emailed to my laptop haven’t appeared yet. Consequently, what I posted is to meet expectations that there will be a daily post, though it is rather thin material.

    • I hope so, too. I have a better sense of what to look for for safety’s sake now, and realize needle insertions that are a bit rough can damage the fistula wall to the point of contributing to an aneurysm. In past, I just endured a but of discomfort when a person hooking me up to the machine couldn’t find the buttonhole track and tried to force it into a false track that partially healed shut. (A bit of a grisly description – just know that I can feel the difference and will make waves now that I know it can cause me long tern problems of a life-threatening sort!)

      Yeah, they are both sweet-faced when sleeping. LOL!

    • Kitty faces are more expressive than one realizes till you are around them daily! As for showers, I live for the day I can have them again! I just never feel clean by any other method of washing oneself.

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