Post 2250: favorite sleeping places…


Some days, the photos I send to my laptop from my smart phone take too long to pop up in my e-mail to be used in that day’s post. Today is such a day. This is the only new photo that showed up.

Not to worry, Dougy’s head (lower right) doesn’t look like that. There’s a lot of distortion at the edges in this particular smart phone’s lens. Even a Persian cat doesn’t have that fat a head!

Tomorrow is the day the kitty boys go to the groomer for a final 2019 haircut and for me to get their 2020 schedule. Yes, I have to schedule a year’s worth of appointments at a time since I get two appointments side by side, a good trick!

12 thoughts on “Post 2250: favorite sleeping places…

    • Fortunately, I figured out the problem, corrceted it, and am happily posting on my laptop again. I prefer the larger work space. I’ve used my photo for posting in a pinch – like when I was in the hospital without access to a laptop or PC – and the smaller screen was difficult to manage for me.

    • The kitty boys (reportedly) enjoy the grooming visit, though Andy does get bored and growly if his haircut takes too long by his point of view.

    • Just in time for the new haircuts: some technical issue sending photos to my laptop from my smart phone. It wears me out! Why something works flawlessly forever, then, without any obvious reason stops working is beyond me. I imagine it will turn out to be something reason stupidly simple that takes hours to figure out.

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