Post 2251: it never ends…

There’s some technical issue with my smart phone settings (I presume) where I can’t e-mail photos to my laptop. It wears me out! It also complicates doing my blog posts since that’s how I create them each day. So, until I work it out, I’ll post old photos I guess. Ugh!

IMG_20181223_085324 Dougy, December 2018: Enjoying the sun.


Andy, March 2019: He enjoys a serious “scritching”!

I hope I work this issue out so you can see the kitty boys’ new haircuts. Yes, today is the day they go to the groomer!

12 thoughts on “Post 2251: it never ends…

  1. I joined following you late enough that what is an annoying break for you is a chance for me to catch up. I am considered a geek by many but technology more and more drives me crazy.

    • Me, too, Angela! There’s quite a lot to catch up on. Hope you had a good time sorting through the old posts!There are videos from their kittenhood through 2014 or 2015, when an updated wiped out an editing program I liked for videos. One of my personhal favorites – these are on my YouTube channel, phainopepla 95 – is one I called “The Visitor”

    • It turned out the photo emails were queued. There was an option to release the emails, which I did, and they went promptly to my laptop email. This is the first time this has happened, so I freaked out, thinking I had a miserable challenge ahead to restore the connection. When it turned out to be something simple and stupid, I thought, “Yep! It’s always something simple and stupid!”

    • It took very little time to correct, amazingly! As predicted, it was something simple ans stupid, a matter of emailed backed up in a queue.

    • I located the place on my smart phone where the photos had queued up – 34 of them, mostly duplicates since I tried resending them more than once. Once I resent the top one, the whole mess popped up on my laptop. I’ve no idea why they queued, nor what I did (specifically) that resolved the problem. Main thing is I found the answer (?) and was able to repost the photos I intended to post today. I even have a few to use later. Ugh!

      The most frightening day I had using computers (other than the day I accidentally deleted a day’s worth of work that I’d not backed up yet) was the day I retired and realized I no longer had access to my company’s IT specialists! On the other hand, I learned a lot watching them fix my boo boos, so manage to survive and learn new tricks based on a misguided confidence all fools have because they know no better than to dive from the 100 foot cliff in
      to the maelstrom.

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