Post 2257: very interesting…

Andy watched this fellow with me while he rebuilt his Trabant engine. Not sure what the interest is for a cat, but it was fascinating to see what made that little DDR auto run! In four videos, he completely rebuilt the engine and it actually ran, well, ran as well as Trabants ever did.  

16 thoughts on “Post 2257: very interesting…

  1. I would love to see that video. The Tabant is famous or more rightly infamous! I think you are right about them still being a car you can DIY

    • I do get a few automobile magazines, which I put on the floor next to my reading chair… Maybe he reads them in the dark, being a crepuscular being with great night vision!

    • I wonder, Michel! Later, watching a video about a DKW model made in 1960 or 1961, he fixated on a turn signal interior dash light that blinked in red! Ha! Silly cat! I think he fixates on the motion. He also likes kitty videos like one that has a simple wiggly string crossing across the screen at random times and points.

    • It surprised me that the videos held so much interest for a cat. The guy moved around a lot, but didn’t look particularly like cat prey. LOL!

    • I’ve had my veteran’s appreciation thing when I got a nice discount on my smart phone recently just for proving my service by giving then-=m a copy of my discharge paper. Some restaurants in town are offering free meals for veterans, but I won’t take advantage of those since I can only eat so many times a day and I have too much food I need to finish in my refrigerator. Anyway, thank you!

  2. my grampy bought one in the 90’s it was the trabant kuebel, technically a cabrio with a tarp roof what had more holes than a swiss cheese… he gave it away after he gave up farming for a pocket moneeh… but to see the prices for such a ride today makes me pondering LOL

    • There’s a solid market for them. I think it’s because they are simple machines that the average home mechanic can work on, unlike modern cars with all the computerization and electronic wizardry to deal with.

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