Post 2258: butterfly hunting…


I’m not too clever using the “smart” part of my smart television features, but Andy is pleased I learned I can put YouTube kitty games on it. Butterfly  hunt was a success. Kill! Kill! Kill!

19 thoughts on “Post 2258: butterfly hunting…

    • There are lots of sound effects with the YouTube cat videos we watch, and Washe Cat might enjoy them for sure! My big concern is Andy knocking the television over. There new ones are quite a bit lighter than even the flat screens when they first came out. Here’s a video of another musical cat, Nora the piano playing cat, accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Her technique is interesting, her styl;e very minimalist and modern!

    • He comes around, hinting I should put kitty videos on the television. Nothing sadder or more pathetic than kitty eyes begging! (Well, dogs DO do it better!)

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