Post 2298: a good time with friends…


Why were Andy and Dougy at the front door? I’d just come home from a luncheon a small group of my high school classmates have once a month. 

Lots of yummy food, great conversation, and, since this was Donna’s home, Tootsie (lower left) and Marco (middle left), her very sweet doggies, made for a pleasant Friday mid-day get together. 

Andy and Dougy gave me the silent treatment for leaving them home alone, and were especially upset with me when they smelled Tootsie and Marco on my clothes and hands. (Yes, I pet them, kitties. They love, love, loved it, and so did I!) Whew! Boy, did I get the stink eye!



17 thoughts on “Post 2298: a good time with friends…

    • Yes, the monthly luncheons are an enjoyable part of the month! We get to reassure ourselves we can’t possibly be as old as we suddenly seem to have become, eat foods and drink drinks our doctors think we should eschew, enjoy the doggies (when we are at Donna’s, anyway)or the doggy (at Carol’s), and exchange horror stories about what is or isn’t happening with our bodies this time! LOL! In short, it helps us keep in touch with people we’ve known virtually all our lives and still enjoy being with for a few hours each month. Dougy got over the absence, then was upset with me for a day when I combed mats out of his hair. Now, because he doesn’t hold grudges (like Andy…!), all is well!

    • No mice in my home, thankfully! I believe the kitty boys would play with the mouse, then let it go. That’s what they do with things they catch, though insects tend to end up dead from being “over-played” with.

  1. Sorry for the mash up with John on IST…..he is a cranky Trumpian so he takes offense easily…..I have learned to ignore his words and answer as best I can without resorting to his style….have a good day and give the kitty boys a scratch for me chuq

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