Post 2305: Dougy’s concerned…

When Dougy hopped onto the end table, he quickly noticed something that alarmed him and prompted him to hop back onto his ottoman.

Yes, these grooming torture tools! The seam ripper actually is a sewing tool, but it is handy for cutting through really bad mats. One has to be very careful with it and cut away from the kitty. The dematting comb is Dougy’s least favorite grooming tool because it sometimes pulls too much hair out at a time.

You’ll notice his “horns” are up in the bottom photos because he is alarmed by the grooming tools. Yes, he has some mats on his butt and legs that I’ve tried working away a little at a time, poor kitty! As long as the grooming tools are in sight, Dougy is watching me closely. Very closely! 

17 thoughts on “Post 2305: Dougy’s concerned…

    • It’s a desperation tool! I’ve tried other things but they were unacceptable because they tugged too much at his hair. That, of course, made for an unhappy cat.

  1. He’s mean Dougy…..take off! MOL These instruments make you feel so soft Dougy and they are over with before you know it. Mom has some weird looking brushes that make me shiver when she brings them out but boy am I soft and cuddly afterwards.


    • How true! I try not to pull his hair too much, but sometimes the comb catches a really big mat. I try to break those up before hand to minimize Dougy’s discomfort, but the can hide quite well in all that Persian floof!

  2. Run Dougy Run! I have a seam ripper. I will have to try it on Jinx’s mats, that is a good idea. You need to market that- just put a kitty picture on the handle 🙂

    • LOL! Maybe that’s how I make my fortune! I think I’d redesign it, though, so it was more off a hook. That way, you’d pull away from the kitty rather than risk – gasp! – stabbing the poor darling!

    • I don’t know… Neither kitty bohy is perfectly nice, and often enough both are pretty naughty! Maybe Santa Claws has a different standard for that than Santa Claus!

  3. Torture devices indeed! I imagine you spend a lot of time grooming to keep them looking spiffy. They look like their fur is pretty fine (which would add to the matting).

    • Yes, it is really fine. I don’t have to spend as much time with Andy as I do Dougy because their hair textures are a bit different. Andy’s tends not to mat the same way or as bad..

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