Post 2306: it’s the cat’s choice…

Dougy, Dougy, Dougy! Sleeping on these papers when there’s that expensive cat bed I bought you three years back! (Andy won’t sleep in his either.) I give up. It’s the cat’s choice.


Yes, I’m talking about you, kitty!

13 thoughts on “Post 2306: it’s the cat’s choice…

  1. My lady kittens don’t have a look at the cosy sweet cat bed – nor the Tipi with a cushion inside. One tried the Tipi. One time !
    I think I shall give them to the SPA ( our Société protectrice des animaux )
    amitiés 🙂
    They like armchairs and my bed.

    • Ha! My sister in Seattle says her kitty girl, Molly, has four kitty beds, and she uses them all. My kitty boys are like your kitty girls: Cat bed? No way!!

    • LOL! How true! They also mangle magazines before I get a chance to read them. They like to search between pages for those mousies they know have to be hiding within!

  2. Shows you the quality of content in those papers, doesn’t it?
    Regarding expensive cat beds, my guys expressed their collective opinion by using them for a litter box. They much prefer my coach or my husband’s rocking chair.

    • It’s a thought. Andy reacts to it and Dougy is less interested in it. There’s also that catnip spray. Seems I have some around the house somewhere.

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