Post 2143: lap cat…

Dougy decided he’s a lap cat. Nice! While visiting my lap, he spends a minute or two kneading my stomach and chest, purring all the while. Makes me purr, too!

13 thoughts on “Post 2143: lap cat…

  1. Those are great pictures, Doug! 🙂

    Cats are so good at making their humans feel appreciated with all the purring! It does get a little difficult when Lucio insists on using my face for a pillow and sticks his nose in my ear and starts purring! He is quite loud, too! 🙂

      • Our cats do that too. I read somewhere once that the behind-in-the-face thing is vestigial behavior over from kittenhood, when their mother’s inspected and cleaned them regularly. 🙂

        • LOL! Well, I refuse to lick a “precious” to satisfy that vestigial need! (That makes sense, though. I usually get the butt-in-face business after Dougy’s kneaded me on the chest.)

    • Two Weimaraners deciding to be lap dogs early in the morning would be quite an experience! LOL! Dougy weighs around 4,2 kilos, which is more than enough weigh hopping around on your lap!

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