30Jul20: Andy is one “Kool Kat”!

Sometimes I’ll feel this presence, like I’m under surveillance. I’ll look up, and there he is! Andrew, AKA Drew, AKA Andy sneaks around, pops up unexpectedly. Here, he’s “hangin'” on the recliner arm, Mr. Kool Kat. I, on the other hand, am uninteresting as soon as he spots a fly or something elsewhere in the room. 


Andy and I continue to miss Dougy, but he is always in our thoughts.

30 thoughts on “30Jul20: Andy is one “Kool Kat”!

    • He gets to have me 100% for sure! Of course, sometimes he pushes my hand away because I’m giving him too much attention. LOL!

          • You would not believe what’s going on around me now: Beba decided to show Pyshka that she still can – run around like crazy and upend furniture! That’s a well-behaved middle age cat lady…

          • Andy and his late brother never stopped that, and, in fact, Andy just did it this morning. I was shocked the first time I had a cat do that, now am just happy Andy still does it since it seems to knock down the energy level a bit and provides some necessary physical activity.

          • But Beba hasn’t done it for a couple years already. She is a sedate middle age lady, and all of a sudden has started acting like a teenager. I do think she was trying to show Pyshka that she is still young and agile. Ladies do that, you know!

          • LOL! I guess that’s the benefit of having more than one kitty. I still thrash that thought around in my mind. Should he or should he not have another kitty to play with now that poor Dougy is deceased? I hesitate because of my own age and health.

          • Dear Doug, Pyshka is 3 years old, and we still have kitty wars going on. Generally, intergenerational interaction among felines is far from peaceful. From what I gather, based on your posts, Andy is somewhat possessive and has a bit of a bossy personality. You are the best judge, of course, but the little darling might not accept competition for your attention. I hope you don’t mind unsolicited advice, dear friend.

          • That has come out since Dougy died. Dougy used to be the Alpha Cat, though Andy and he would “argue” about that from time to time.

          • When Barmalei and Beba were kittens, Beba used to be even more of a mischief-maker than Pyshka is now. It took us time to catch Barmalei engaging her in cat conferences, than calmly walking away and watching his sister get in trouble. He would have this famous kitty expression that you know well: I didn’t do anything – not me!

  1. But Doug, you are not zipping around like a fly! Cats like things that zip zip zip! We, too, get ignored if a fly comes along. 🙂

    Andy is one sweet kitty boy. It is good you have each other.

    • He’s enjoying being the sole cat, I fear, though I am relieved, too, that he adjusted quickly to Dougy’s absence.

    • Yes, I am! I think he looks nice just now since the hair does grow fast. Hugs will be given when his kitty business allows….!

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