31Jul20: floofy tail cat…

Seriously, could you resist this floofy tail?

13 thoughts on “31Jul20: floofy tail cat…

      • Why not “fluffy tail”? I suppose because the made up word “floofy” better describes Andy’s magnificent tail! It is really soft and feels “floofy” going through my hand. (You asked this back on 31 July. I was taking a look back at earlier postings and realized I never really answered your question. Of course, this answer sounds like “just because I say so” but, well, I call it “floofy” “just because I say so”! LOL!)

    • Not original to me, sad to say. Some other blogger used it some time ago, and I got it from him or her. When I told that to Andy, he said “Meow!”

    • I hope so! Andy tends to be so serious compared with the late Dougy that I sometimes thing he takes being named after a saint to seriously. LOL!

    • It’s a bit cooler here today, too. We had a little rain, which helped, of course, to keep things less cool, as did the cloud cover.

      There still are moments, of course. I can talk about Dougy and not cry (mostly) now, but I think about him every time I see Andy and during the say.

      I’ve always thought Andy had the best of all tails! I’ve seen photos of floofier ones, but Andy’s is up there for floofiness!

      • The cats and all sent you a card. Hope it arrived in good shape! I’m hearing the mail has slowed down a good bit these days. Ours sometimes gets diverted to the neighbors, and I find their mail in my box as well.

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