01October20: Must have tasted yummy!

Cleaning up after a yummy chicken dinner, Andy puts energy into it! Of course, he’s on a special diet now, and that chicken dinner is unadulterated chicken, no grains or additives. At the price, I’m glad Andy love, love, loves it. You know kitties, though: as soon as you buy a long term supply of a food they seem to like, they decide they don’t like it, not really! (I’m crossing my fingers with the new food. He’s been eating it for a month of so now, no problems!)Β 

15 thoughts on “01October20: Must have tasted yummy!

  1. I know I’m always up for chicken dinner. But Mom puts limits on me, ’cause she thinks I’m allergic to it. She asks, “Doug, what brand of special diet do you have Andy on?”

  2. That’s a fact! When I had two cats, one or the other would continue to eat any given food, so I didn’t lose out or have to donate it.

    • I hope so, too! Twenty-four cans cost almost $55, though that lasts a long time since he eats about a third a can a day. (He also gets dry food and Greenies treats, so the wet food is just a small part of his diet. The dry food is a dietary variety, too, made for older cats and meant to control urinary issues.)

    • I think it may be paretially related to lack of variety. Andy generally love, love, loves food, and will finish his meals. I feed him this wet food, a dry food recommended by his veterinarian for older cats (to minimize urinary issues), and his most-absolutely-bar-none-most-favorite-most-frequently-demanded-any-time-of-day-or-night treat, Greenies, which he consumes like a heroin addict.

  3. we know that phenomenon… a friend bought a drying machine to get dried chicken and beef for her cats, because they losed them once … but the good idea went to the dogs, her pup is the only one who still likes her dried snacks LOL

    • Good doggy! The cats might have rejected it eventually because they can be bad about drinking water. Eating dried food and not drinking enough water can cause painful bowel movements and constipation. (Andy and the late Dougy are/were really good about drinking water and it started with kittenhood.)

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