18May23: a new place for treats….

Now that there are Greenies, Andy has a new variation on hiss habit to get used to.

Greenies on the ottoman lapboard.

He hesitates, then…

…hops up on the lapboard for his treats!

A few left for later, then to take a kitty bath. Andy’s adjusting well to the change!


Yesterday’s post wouldn’t publish when scheduled for no reason I could figure out. At a bit after three o’clock, I ended up copying the whole post, pasting it on a blank page, and, miracle of miracles, the miserable WordPress let it publish!

24 thoughts on “18May23: a new place for treats….

  1. That’s nothing compared to the miserable platform we use for teaching online which ATE a question on a 20-question test, leaving poor confused students with 19 questions.
    Love the photo of the hesitant Mr Andy!

  2. Andy is so cute! The greenies will dry out and get hard, Andy! WP seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes, Doug. My scheduled posts don’t always publish which is very annoying!

  3. WP and many other things have developed anomalous glitches these days. One wonders!

    Glad to hear little Andy cat is back to his routine again. Cats love their routines! 🙂

    Late spring is speeding into early summer over here, and all the work that goes with it, too. We’ve had some hot days in the upper 80s and 90s here. Today is not supposed to get over 79.

    • We have a day or two toward that range predicted for this coming week, though most days will b seasonl.

      No kidding about those glitches. I suspect things get so big and complicated sometimes that errors are inevitable.

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