Post 506: cleaning house

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? When you have two Persian cats, however, a lot of hair covers everything in short time. Unfortunately, I am not a very good housekeeper, and a lot of hair becomes a cat’s worth or two before I decide even I can’t live with it any more.

Today is the day. Bring out the Dyson.

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

Remember that photo? That’s from one cat on one day. Yes, I better bring out the Dyson. Today!


8 thoughts on “Post 506: cleaning house

  1. Doug, do you read the Reader’s Digest? We do but we’re usually a month or so behind. In the August there is a cute little tidbit for us cat lovers to ponder. Do cats have a website where they post videos of their humans trying to open a DVD package or jump start a car?


  2. Aww yes Ali and the dust bunnies know each other well. She has help crate fur ball bunnies that have mated with the dust bunnies and now we have a weird form of dust fur ball bunnies hiding in the corners.


      • Yes, even the late great tabby, Louie the ginger cat, left a trail of ginger hair everywhere. After he died but before I got the Dyson, I got a bit of his hair every time I vacuumed. I finally accepted he was gone, though, when my dryer lint screen started to be blackish gray from Andy and Dougy’s hair instead of orange-ish from Louie.


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