Post 506: cleaning house

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? When you have two Persian cats, however, a lot of hair covers everything in short time. Unfortunately, I am not a very good housekeeper, and a lot of hair becomes a cat’s worth or two before I decide even I can’t live with it any more.

Today is the day. Bring out the Dyson.

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

Remember that photo? That’s from one cat on one day. Yes, I better bring out the Dyson. Today!


8 thoughts on “Post 506: cleaning house

  1. Aww yes Ali and the dust bunnies know each other well. She has help crate fur ball bunnies that have mated with the dust bunnies and now we have a weird form of dust fur ball bunnies hiding in the corners.


      • Yes, even the late great tabby, Louie the ginger cat, left a trail of ginger hair everywhere. After he died but before I got the Dyson, I got a bit of his hair every time I vacuumed. I finally accepted he was gone, though, when my dryer lint screen started to be blackish gray from Andy and Dougy’s hair instead of orange-ish from Louie.


  2. Doug, do you read the Reader’s Digest? We do but we’re usually a month or so behind. In the August there is a cute little tidbit for us cat lovers to ponder. Do cats have a website where they post videos of their humans trying to open a DVD package or jump start a car?


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