Post 782: the boys have fun with their human

Andy watches me from atop the computer.... Hew's a bity obvious about it!

Andy watches me from atop the stereo…. He’s a bit obvious about it!

“Nyah! Nyah! Take a picture…it’ll last longer!”
Why, that cheeky cat!

Dougy's up to something, too.

Dougy’s up to something, too.

Scat, cat!

Scat, cat!

Hiding in the skinny box.... Dougy waits for toes to come by. RAWR!

Hiding now in the skinny box…. Dougy waits for toes to come by.

46 thoughts on “Post 782: the boys have fun with their human

    • They so. Unfortunately, flash photos of those eyes always turn them into demonic presences. I try to avoid flash with animal photos, but it isn’t always possible.

      • Some animals tolerate it, but not all. The issue with cats is with their pupils; one has to catch them staring in dim light so those pupils open up. My 24 year old cat died before I started using good external flash units; so I still would have to practice now with this challenge. I suppose it could be done with one of those zoom cameras that have just a little flash on them, and stepping back but zooming in; that way the flash is far from the cat. What challenge!

    • They do look pretty good most of the time, thanks to the efforts of their groomers. I brush Dougy since he has really thick fur. Andy doesn’t like to be brushed. His has very little undercoat, so doesn’t need brushing as much. Thanks to good haircuts, they rarely get mats in their hair anymore.

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