Post 1205: Serena the Bombay cat

Those of you have been around for longer than six months may remember my friend Deborah and her adventure taking her three Bombay cats to Paris.  She told me sad news about one of those cats, Serena. Deborah gave me permission to post this remembrance to her poor kitty:



Thanks for asking, Doug. That would be a nice memorial to her.

I have had a few bad days of it. Serena was throwing up all weekend (with no emergency vets nearby) Long story short, she had to be euthanized Monday at  age  8; throwing up was the only symptom of an incurable disease.


Serena and Charles

 It left a hole in the family unit and Charles is very upset. He keeps going upstairs to look for her — she spent most days on my bed since the weather got colder. [Deborah lives in New England.] I was in shock: she had never been a really healthy cat but had never appeared seriously ill.

She was a very quiet cat. She loved sitting in the sunlight and bird watching. And her half brother had a real love/hate relationship with her.


Serena (behind Charles) by the door. André on the left.

Could you mention that she was part of the trio who went to Paris, really enjoyed French cat food, and Volvic mineral water, and that she is greatly missed?  In a world of big personalities, she was a very private, self contained cat who found pleasure in the simpler things in life.

RIP poor Serena. In your short life you were loved and brought joy. You even visited Paris.

Deborah, your note reminded me of the night my Louie the ginger cat died, and how he, too, vomited but showed no other evidence of the lymphoma that took his life. Hugs from a friend who understands how this loss feels.