Post 1212: Wand toy games in the morning are fun!

Dougy enjoys his wand toy games in the morning! Woo hoo! So what could go wrong?


Can I trick Dougy off the ottoman? Dougy suspects, correctly, the game is about to move.111716 the game moves.jpg

Yep! Smells like fun!111716 dougy sniffs wand toy on reecliner footrest.jpg

Onto the recliner. That’s where the action is.111716 dougy hops onto recliner.jpg

Excited? Oh yeah!111716 dougy gets excited.jpg

Woo hoo!111716 dougy is really into it.jpg

Catch it? Oh bliss in the morning! What could go wrong?111716 dougy pounces.jpg

Oh meow and mouse farts! Andrew!111716 here comes andy.jpg

There’s more to the story. Stay tuned! We’ll complete it tomorrow.