Post 1197: a slow start to the day…

Andy took advantage of Dougy being out of  the room to enjoy a snooze on the recliner arm. He barely noticed when Dougy strolled by to do whatever kitty boys do in the guest bedroom. (Probably to look out the window.) 


A pleasant snooze.110116-andy-dozes

Dougy strolls by.110116-dougy-marches-out

Andy barely notices.110116-andy-looks-away

Later, Dougy came back out and chased Andy off the recliner, of course, but things were quiet here for a short time!

While Dougy “held” the seat of the recliner, Andy hid behind the glider. He hadn’t had his medicine yet, and I amazed us both by just picking him up where he hid. (He usually scoots when he sees me coming to give him medicine….!)

He was a very good boy when I gave him his medicine, then he enjoyed his catnip-flavored kitty treats.