Post 1221: details need attended to…

I confess to laziness now that I’m retired, a state (the laziness) that perpetuates itself because I don’t have anyone living with me to nag about the unread magazines, the vacuum cleaner I haven’t moved in days from the spot where I stopped vacuuming, and the inertia that comes as an after effect of dialysis, which sometimes leaves me drained, my built-in excuse! Regardless, details need attended to, laziness must be overcome. Here are a few details that need attended to now, details I can’t ignore.


The kitty boys’ groomer schedules them a year in advance. I got the 2017 schedule when I took them in last Monday. (Dougy’s name isn’t spelled with an “ie” on the end, but with a “y”,the way I spelled it when I was a kid.) I need to transfer this information to a virtual Post-It note on my computer because I invariably misplace the schedule I get from the groomer! 112616-andy-and-dougys-grooming-schedule

My dialysis nurses have difficulty locating the dialysis fistula on the top end because it takes a turn, then a deep dive. The arrow is a direction reminder: “Hold the needle at this angle to the fistula.” If they don’t, the needle won’t reach the fistula, and it takes lots of poking to locate it. Ick! I need to avoid washing this direction finder off my arm between Friday’s dialysis session and Monday! (Maybe I need a tattoo….)112616-fistula-direction

My photo files are outrageously large. Every kitty photo — yes, most of my photo files are kitty photos! — I’ve ever taken seems to be there, and many are crapo photos that are beyond redemption. I keep them just the same. Here’s one that is a lovely pose of Dougy, but a crapo photo for exposure and potential for a fix. I need to get off my butt…um, get on my butt?… and sort through and delete the crapo photos in my files and save just those that are good. See what I mean about crapo?  (Left side = crapo original; right side = crapo attempt to save the photo through manipulation)