Post 1203: Ugh! I prepare for the invasion…!

Tomorrow is Election Day in America, but  (no pun intended) I will be invaded by probes coming and going. Yes, it is time for a colonoscopy (which I last had 11 years ago) and an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (EGD, which I’ve never had). Preparation begins today. You know: clean out the colon by inducing diarrhea. Ugh!

It’s time to reflect on what I can learn from my kitties here, Andy in particular. To save time, I will draw on old photos because I need to take time off from the computer. I’ll skip tomorrow since I won’t be free to play around, and try to return to blogging Wednesday, the 10th. 


Andy tells me not to be afraid.

Andy sneaks a peek from behind the all-in-one machine.


Be a good boy and a big kitty.

Woohoo! Noble Andy will save our world!

Then relax! It will be over soon enough and you’ll get a treat!

All this drama's made Andy sleepy!

All this drama’s made Andy sleepy!

Yeah, sure. I’ll be knocked out for the two procedures at least. Plus I get to spend the day with someone I’ve been friends with since we were two years old or so. A long time, anyway! And he’s graciously agreed to chauffeur me to and from Scottsbluff, where I’ll get the examinations. (Thanks, Terry!)