Post 1217: the trip to the groomers went without incident…

I amazed myself (even) by the speed with which I captured Andy and Dougy to take them to the groomer. Dougy complained, of course, because he always does. We no sooner arrived than Peggy drove up and opened the shop. Great timing!

I let Peggy and Athena (who cuts the boys’ hair) know Dougy had conjunctivitis in his left eye so they knew Dougy might be a bit grumpy because of it.

When I picked the kitties up, I learned Andy is OK with every part of the process but the hair drier, that he actually likes to be brushed. The little poop! He hates it when I brush him with the exact same brush they use at the groomer’s! I know I use the same brush because they recommended the same brush they use at the shop on cats, which was on display at the shop in their pet supply display!

Dougy, on the other hand, got bored and grumpy before Athena could finish dealing with some hair on his legs. She (wisely) quit while he was still in a good enough mood not to become naughty. I agreed that that was a smart move on her part, that that’s why she’s so good at her job!


When I opened the carrier at home, the kitty boys ran to get a drink (Andy) and to use the litter box (Dougy).112116-taking-care-of-basic-needs-dougy-on-left-andy-on-right

Then Andy went to use the other litter box in the bathroom and Dougy watched him leave the room.112116-andy-in-doorway-dougy-in-foreground

Of course, after just getting groomed, Andy had to put his personal spit on the subject!112116-andy-cleans-up-after-groomers 

Did you notice the rainbow-colored string in the second photo? That’s where Andy dragged it to try to get Dougy to come play their strange little game. Andy yowled the challenge, but Dougy wasn’t in the mood to play, I guess. 


Oops! I managed to post the top two photos out of chronological order! I’m sure many of you will notice the blue carrier is missing from its place in the second photo, though in the first one it is next to the secretaire, where it usually is when not in use. (The grey towel is to give kitties a comfortable place to roost.)