Post 1219: Dougy sees his veterinarian…

Dougy and I took a trip to see his veterinarian yesterday. Dougy protested the carrier, of course, but he was a very good boy on the examination table. His veterinarian, Dr. Y., was pleased with Dougy’s eye since he saw a vast improvement over last Friday. Just in case he hadn’t seen the photo I e-mailed the clinic, I printed out an enlargement of the “last Friday eye” to show him. He had, but it still had a purpose. It went into Dougy’s medical folder.


Dougy relaxed by the open front door after we returned from the visit with Dr. Y.112316 dougy home again.jpg

Here’s his “last Friday eye”…111916 dougys sick eye 2.jpg

…and his “next Wednesday eye”.112316 dougys eye one week later.jpg

It still is healing, but the eye is free of problems that could cause permanent harm. It’s still a bit a”goopy”, but the worst of the swelling is gone.

Yes, Dougy relaxed by the door! It was a happy day and he had no more trips to make.112316 use me dougy happy to be home.jpg

Andy was happy to see his brother again, then he hopped onto the PC to absorb some warmth.112316 andy in dark.jpg

It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA today. We, the kitty boys and I, are thankful that our health care needs are met by caring, competent professionals. But most of all, we are thankful we don’t have to see any of them today!