Post 1199: kitty fishing…

No point in having kitties if you don’t engage them in wand toy games or other kitty-licious fun! So, before Dougy started whining for kitty fun, I decided today to fish for kitties. Well, “kitty”, because Andy was off having a little post medicine treat. (He came around later for kitty fun, so don’t worry! I play with both kitties.)


How long will it take for Dougy to notice?110316-dougy-1

Suspicious at last!110316-dougy-2

It’s a kitty-licious frenzy! RAWR!!!110316-dougy-3-rawr

Caught it!110316-dougy-4

The play continues until…110316-dougy-5-frenzy

Dougy’s sated.110316-dougy-6

It won’t be long, though, before he wants to play again, and I am ready.